Shop at HD Supply, remotely through live video, with 30 minute delivery.

Video chat with in-store employees to pick out products you want to try. Have them delivered immediately. Keep what you like, and we return the rest.

What is ProductSniff?

An ecommerce marketplace of brick and mortar speciality stores that people can virtually shop at through telepresence robots. A telepresence robot is a 5 foot tall mobile robot that you can drive around from your browser, with a live video feed showing you everything the robot sees. You can browse the store on your own, have a conversation with an in-store expert, or get a product demonstration from an in-store expert. While you are shopping you can tell in-store experts which products you'd like to try and ProductSniff delivers them to your home within a couple of hours. Customers can keep what they like, and we return the rest.

Breed hardware robot shopping video

This is what it looks like when you are shopping with a productsniff robot in the store. This robot is at Breed Hardware in Austin, Texas.

Shoe Palace shopping video

Pick out shoes you want to try, get a demonstration from someone in-store 

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